Moravian Clay Brick Kit


By popular demand, the Moravian Clay Brick Kit is now available for purchase. Watch your imagination come to life with open-ended play. Clay bricks improve science, engineering, and spatial recognition skills. With endless possibilities for building and creativity, hands of all ages can make amazing creations. 

Construct. Deconstruct. Reconstruct.

Our reusable bricks can be made into countless fun and elaborate structures. The bricks are made of fired clay and are safe for play. The “mortar” is made of clay and is safe and soluble in water. Bricks can be reused again and again. To dissolve the slip mortar, rinse the bricks, leave them out to dry, and start all over again using new slip mortar.

Your brick kit includes:

-130 Multicolored Bricks 

-2 Towers 

-2 Architectural Pieces 

-Dragon of Castle Acre Brocade

-2 Glazed bricks 

-Mercer Tree Brocade 

- Secret tile Surprise