the VosTones with Reeder Station May 13th Doors open 6:00pm

Come join us for our first outdoor concert of the year!

The VosTones play an eclectic mix of classic country, roots rock, rockabilly, surf, and punk that suggests you roll a stoney,  come down off the mountain, saddle up at the local
honky-tonk, and blow your paycheck on the jukebox and a few too many rounds. The group consists of Ian Vos-upright bass/vocals, Roney Carroll-guitar/vocals, and Ira Kaye-
drums/vocals. All veterans of the Philadelphia music scene for many years, they have lent their talents to such bands as Low Cut Connie and Lower Bank Kustoms.

Reeder Station is a power trio formed in New Hope, PA in 2022. With a sound based on the members broad influences, they blend americana, rock, and the groundbreaking work of bassist Steve Garvey, formerly of Buzzcocks, who performs with the band. Songwriter and vocalist James Seward, primarily a bluegrass guitarist and folk singer, and Brad Smith on drums round out the lineup to create an eclectic sound reminiscent of their collective roots. While Reeder Station performs mostly original material, they cover several Buzzcocks songs as well as other seminal punk songs from the 70's and 80's.